About Us

Why we are doing this

Buying a home is the most expensive transaction most people are ever likely to undertake. The process is further complicated by having so many partners involved, often duplicating effort and delaying completion.

Things should be different

With consumer technology moving at such pace, it seems strange that the home buying process is still so laborious and inefficient. Consumers expect more these days, so we set out to improve the way deals are done.

We think property transactions should be simple, efficient and enjoyable.


Owen Derbyshire

Owen Derbyshire is founder and Chief Executive of Properr Software Ltd. He previously founded a communications consultancy, specialising in supporting high growth start-ups, before entering the property sector. He currently advises a number of UK-based start-ups, and specialises in commercialisation, change management, and early-stage business growth.

Steve Talbot

Steve is as a Cambridge-educated Chartered Engineer with postgraduate management qualifications and experience leading R&D projects in the defence industry. He is an alumnus of two accelerator programmes — Cambridge University Judge Business School (2013) and Start-Up Bootcamp FinTech (2015).